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Australian War Memorial - Collections Search  Search the Australian War Memorial's extensive collection of documents and photos.  All Australia   
National Archives of Australia - Photo Search  Search an online image bank of more than 110,000 photographs from the National Archives collection.  All Australia   
National Archives of Australia - Record Search  Search documents, photos, posters, maps and films created by 9000 Australian Government agencies (since 1901).  All Australia   
Archives Investigator - NSW archives search  Database developed by the State Records Authority of NSW allowing online searching of archival records.  NSW Australia  
NSW State Records - multiple databases search  Search multiple databases in the NSW State Records collection with a single keyword search.  NSW Australia  
State Library of NSW - catalogue search (post-1980)  Search records of published items catalogued since 1980, including books, videos, maps, music, electronic materials and periodicals.  NSW Australia  
State Library of NSW Scanned Card Catalogue (pre-1980)  Search and view images of the cards in the NSW State Reference Library's Card Catalogue of published material received by the Library before 1980.  NSW Australia   
City of Sydney Archives  Search an index of the City of Sydney's historical archives. Some items can be viewed online, while others will include a reference to where the hardcopy item can be viewed.  NSW Sydney Australia  
City of Sydney Assessment Books, 1845-1948  The Assessment Books record details of ownership, occupation, construction, and value for buildings in the City of Sydney between 1845 and 1948.  NSW Sydney Australia  
Queensland State Archives  Online search of Queensland State Archives indexes. Access to the complete records requires a visit to the Public Search Room.  QLD Australia  
State Records SA - Index of Resources  Index of extensive historical resources available on the State Records SA website. Most records are images (PDF format) of original documents.  SA Australia   
Adelaide Hospital Admission Register, 1840-1904  Alphabetical lists (PDF format) of patients admitted to Adelaide Hospital (now Royal Adelaide Hospital) for the period 1840-1904.  SA Adelaide Australia  
State Records of SA  Search online records of State Govt archives. Results show file reference numbers but not full text of documents.  SA Adelaide Australia  
South East Family History Group, SA  Extensive indexes of names listed in various historical databases for the SA towns of Beachport, Mt Gambier, Millicent, Naracoorte, Penola and Tatiara  SA Beachport, Mt Gambier, Millicent, Naracoorte, Penola, Tatiara Australia  
State Library of Tasmania - Archives database  Extensive database of Tasmanian archives, including details of monuments and historic sites, gravestones, pictorial and artistic works, audio-visual materials, and much more.  TAS Australia   
Tasmanian Archives Online Database  Search the Archives Office of Tasmania's online database of its publicly available holdings  TAS Australia  
Tasmanian Courts Decisions, 1824-1843  Search details of hidden 19th century records of the superior courts of Tasmania, beginning with the first decisions of the newly established Supreme Court of Van Diemenís Land from 1824.  TAS Australia   
Tasmanian Wills & Letters of Administration, 1824-1989  An index of Tasmanian wills, letters of administration recording the granting of probate, 'reseals', and 'elections to administer' small interstate estates, from 1824-1989. Digitised copies of many of the original documents can be viewed.  TAS Australia   
Victoria - Wills, Probates and Records, 1841-1925  Index to Wills, Probate and Administration Records from the Public Record Office Victoria archives, 1841-1925.  VIC Australia  
National Archives of Ireland  Search an index of archives from numerous Irish government departments and other organisations.  All Ireland  
Scotland's People - government archives search  Search statutory registers, old parish registers, census records, and wills and testaments. Charges to view.  Scotland   
National Archives of South Africa - database index  Index of online genealogy related databases on the National Archives of South Africa (NASA) site.  Any South Africa   
Archival records of the Basque Couuntry, Spain  Archival records from the Irargi (Basque Country Documentary Heritage Centre) 'Badator' database (13th-19th centuries). English, Spanish and Basque.  Basque, Vizcaya, Gipuzkoa Spain  
Spain to America emigration (1880-1936)  Searchable database of emigrant to America from Rioja region of Spain. Can be browsed or searched by emigrant and/or by locality.  Rioja Spain  
A2A - UK archives database  The A2A database contains catalogues describing archives held locally in England and Wales, dating from the eighth century to the present day.  UK  
UK National Archives - family history  Index of a range of searchable archives available on the UK National Archives website, including service records, maritime registers, and immigration records.  UK  
Gloucestershire County Council Archives  Search historical records for residents of Gloucestershire County, UK, including wills dating from 1541.  Gloucestershire UK

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