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Convicts, any country
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Country State City/Town Resource Records From Records To Resource Type
Australia Norfolk Island Convict ships sent to Norfolk Island, 1840-1847  Detailed information on convict ships sent to Norfolk Island, 1840-1847  1840 1847  
Australia NSW First Fleet Convicts (1788)  Searchable database hosted by the University of Wollongong of 780 First Fleet convicts (NSW, Australia). It does not contain information about the other 200 sailors, marines and officers who sailed with them.  1788  
Australia NSW NSW gaol photographs index, 1870-1930  Index to photos taken of inmates in NSW gaols, 1870-1930. Fee/order required for access to photos.  1870 1930   
Australia NSW Port Jackson (Sydney) Convict ships sent to Port Jackson, NSW 1787-1800  Detailed information on convict ships sent to Port Jackson (Sydney), NSW, 1787-1800  1787 1800  
Australia NSW Sydney Index to vessels arriving in NSW, 1788-1922  Extensive list of searchable resources of ships and passengers arriving in New South Wales from 1788, on the NSW State Archives and Records website.  1788 1922  
Australia NSW Sydney NSW Convicts' Tickets of Leave, 1810-1875  Index derived from the butts of the original tickets of leave for NSW convicts, 1810-1875. Alphabetical lists arranged by surname.  1810 1875   
Australia NSW Sydney, Port Jackson First Fleet Convicts list (1788)  List of convicts transported to Australia with the First Fleet, 1788  1788  
Australia NSW, TAS Sydney, Hobart Convict Ships Sent to NSW and TAS, 1801-1849  Comprehensive list of convict ships sent to NSW and TAS, 1801-1849. Also search by keyword. 'Convicts to Australia' site.  1801 1849   
Australia NSW, VIC Convict ships to Australia, 1839-46  Details of all ships carrying convicts to Australia between Jan 1839 and Jun 1846.  1839 1846  
Australia QLD Brisbane Convict ships sent to Queensland, 1849-1850  Detailed information on convict ships sent to QLD, 1849-1859  1849 1850  
Australia TAS Convict Ships sent to Tasmania, 1812-1853  Comprehensive list of convict ships sent to Tasmania, 1812-1853. Also search by keyword. 'Convicts to Australia' site.  1812 1853   
Australia TAS Index to Tasmanian Convicts  Index of all convicts transported to Tasmania (1804-1853) and those convicted while in Tasmania (until 1893). Approx 76,000 entries.   
Australia TAS Tasmanian Convicts, 1814-1829  Lists of convicts transported to Tasmania on selected ships between 1814 and 1829. Also lists of pardons, tickets of leave and absconders.  1814 1829  
Australia TAS Tasmanian Convicts, 1845-1850  Detailed lists of Tasmanian convicts, 1845-1850.  1845 1850  
Australia VIC Melbourne Convict ships sent to Victoria, 1803-1849  Detailed information on convict ships sent to Port Phillip (Melbourne), Victoria, 1803-1849  1803 1849  
Australia VIC Melbourne Male prisoners, Victoria, 18681947  Images of handwritten indexes of male prisoners in Victorian gaols, 1868-1947, downloadable PDF format.  1868 1947   
Australia WA Perth Convicts sent to Western Australia, 1850-1868  Detailed information on convict ships sent to Swan River Colony (Perth), WA, 1850-1868  1850 1868  
UK Any London Proceedings of the Old Bailey, London (1674-1913)  Searchable database of details of nearly 200,000 criminal trials held at London's central criminal court, the Old Bailey, between 1674 and 1913, including details of convicts sentenced to transportation to Australia.   1674 1913   

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