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Criminal/Court records, any country
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Country State City/Town Resource Records From Records To Resource Type
Australia All Australian Newspaper Archives, 1803-2011  An excellent resource produced by the National Library of Australia allowing keyword search of major and regional Australian newspaper archives (1803-2011), with images of original articles shown. Select 'Family Notices' under 'Article Category' to limit the search to birth, death and marriage announcements.  1803 2011   
Australia NSW NSW coronial inquests, 1788-1899  Index of coronial inquests in NSW dating back to 1788. Shows extracts from newspaper items.  1788 1899  
Australia NSW NSW gaol records and photographs  Digitised gaol records and photos for selected NSW gaols, late-1890s to early-1900s    
Australia NSW NSW Courts Decisions, 1788-1899  Search details of many hidden court records of the superior courts of NSW, concentrating on the decisions of the Supreme Courts and other courts of unlimited jurisdiction between 1788 and 1841.   1788 1899   
Australia NSW NSW gaol photographs index, 1870-1930  Index to photos taken of inmates in NSW gaols, 1870-1930. Fee/order required for access to photos.  1870 1930   
Australia NSW Braidwood Braidwood Gaol admissions, 1856-1899  Search a database compiled from the list of register entries of the Braidwood Gaol, NSW, for the period 1856-1899.   1856 1899  
Australia NSW Yass Extracts from the Yass Courier (NSW), 1857-1905  Extracts from Yass Courier personal columns, 1857-1905  1857 1905  
Australia QLD Queensland Ship Deserters, 1862-1911  Searchable database of ship deserters for Queensland from 1862-1911.  1862 1911  
Australia SA Deserters database, SA, 1838-1920  Database of deserters from wives, families, ships, military, missing persons, escaped prisoners etc, compiled from SA Police Gazettes.   1838 1920  
Australia TAS Tasmanian Courts Decisions, 1824-1843  Search details of hidden 19th century records of the superior courts of Tasmania, beginning with the first decisions of the newly established Supreme Court of Van Diemen’s Land from 1824.  1824 1843   
Australia VIC Victoria inquests and coronial records, 1840-1985  Search index of inquests and coronial inquests from Victorian state archives  1840 1985  
Australia VIC Melbourne Male prisoners, Victoria, 1868–1947  Images of handwritten indexes of male prisoners in Victorian gaols, 1868-1947, downloadable PDF format.  1868 1947   
UK Gloucestershire Gloucestershire County Council Archives  Search historical records for residents of Gloucestershire County, UK, including wills dating from 1541. 

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