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Colonial Tasmanian family names database  Search a database of names from various Tasmanian Archive Records from the 19th Century. Links individuals to other members of their family.  TAS Australia  
Tasmanian naturalisations, 1835-1905  Index of Tasmanian applications for certificates of denisation and naturalisation from 1835 to 1905.  TAS Australia  
Tasmanian Electoral Rolls, 1850s-1890s  Selected Tasmanian Legislative Council and House of Assembly electoral rolls for Hobart, Launceston, Buckingham, Longford, Cambridge, Derwent, Cumberland, Tamar, Jordan, 1850s-1890s.  TAS Hobart, Launceston, various others Australia   
Launceston Family Album  Details of early residents of Launceston, including extensive biographical and background information, and photos.  TAS Launceston Australia   
Port Phillip Electoral Roll, 1848-49  Searchable database of names and addresses of Port Phillip District residents listed in the electoral rolls for 184849.  VIC Melbourne, Port Phillip Australia  
Children medical records - Cromwell House (1852-1914)  Medical records for convalescing children treated at the Great Ormond Street Hostpital, London, 1852-1914  London UK  

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