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Employment/Training register, any country
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Country State City/Town Resource Records From Records To Resource Type
Australia All Australian Medical Pioneers Index  Geelong Hospital Library index of early medical practitioners in Australia. Returns detailed information on each individual including family, addresses and other background.   
Australia NSW Sydney Australia's Red Coat Regiments, 1788-1870  Lists of members of the 25 British Infantry Regiments, Service Regiments and Marine Detachments who served in Sydney, Australia, between 1788 and 1870.  1788 1870  
Australia NSW Sydney City of Sydney Archives  Search an index of the City of Sydney's historical archives. Some items can be viewed online, while others will include a reference to where the hardcopy item can be viewed.   
Australia NSW Sydney NSW Soldiers and Marines, 1787-1830  Index of soldiers and marines stationed in Sydney, 1787-1830. Arranged in alphabetical lists by surname.  1787 1830   
Australia NSW Sydney Sydney Colonial Directory, 1857  Details of business owners in Sydney, NSW, in 1857  1857  
Australia NSW Yass Extracts from the Yass Courier (NSW), 1857-1905  Extracts from Yass Courier personal columns, 1857-1905  1857 1905  
Australia NSW Yass General Notices, Yass Courier (NSW), from 1857  Extracts from general notices in Yass Courier, from 1857  1857  
Australia SA SA Farm Apprentices, 1913-1914  Database of 172 British youths aged 15 to 19 who participated in the South Australian Government's farm apprentice scheme, 1913-1914.  1913 1914  
Australia SA State Records SA - Index of Resources  Index of extensive historical resources available on the State Records SA website. Most records are images (PDF format) of original documents.    
Australia SA Adelaide Mercantile and Trades Directory of Adelaide, 1870  Brenton's 1870 professional, mercantile and trades directory of Adelaide.  1870  
Australia VIC Geelong Geelong, Colonial Trade Directory, 1857  Details of business owners in Geelong, VIC, in 1857  1857  
Australia VIC Melbourne Melbourne Colonial Directory, 1857  Details of business owners in Melbourne, VIC, in 1857  1857  

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