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Tribal Pages family trees  Search names in the family trees created by Tribal Pages members. Limited details returned to non-members.  All All  
Sterry surname - worldwide one-name study  Extensive extracts from births, deaths, marriage, shipping and other genealogical records for the Sterry surname, from Australia, Canada, UK and the US.   Any    
Cullis family tree - Australia  Family tree of the Cullis family in Australia  Australia   
Devine family history, Australia  History of the descendants of James Devine in Australia.  Australia   
Zugmaier Family History, Australia  History of the Zugmaier family in Australia.  Australia   
Family Trees - Australia  Index of more than 3700 online Australian family trees and family history sites.  Australia  
Neech Family Tree  Family tree of the Neech family in Australia.  Australia  
Monaro region pioneers families search  A comprehensive list of early pioneer families in the Monaro region of southern NSW (and current ACT)  ACT, NSW Canberra, Queanbeyan Australia   
Broadhurst Family Tree  Family history and family tree for Broadhurst family, NSW  NSW Tumbarumba, Yass Australia   
Coble Family Tree  Family tree for descendents of William Coble, who was transported to Australia as a convict in 1833.  NSW Yass Australia   
Pavlich Family in Australia  Family tree of the Pavlich family in Australia  SA Australia   
South Australian family tree directory  Directory of family tree websites for South Australian families  SA Australia  
Broadfield surname website  Wesbite with links and information on the Broadfield family worldwide. Based in Tasmania, Australia  TAS Australia   
Colonial Tasmanian family names database  Search a database of names from various Tasmanian Archive Records from the 19th Century. Links individuals to other members of their family.  TAS Australia  
Kelly Family Tree (Ned Kelly)  Descendants of John Kelly (Victorian bushranger Ned Kelly's great grandfather), in Victoria, Australia.  VIC Australia  
Prosser/Sharman Family Tree  Family tree for the Prosser family of Gippsland and the Sharman family of Central and Northern Victoria.  VIC Australia   
Western Australian Surnames List  Extensive list of families who settled in WA, maintained by the Western Australian Genealogical Society.  WA Australia  
Spendlove Family Tree  Family tree of the Spendlove family in Australia from 1862.  VIC Australia, UK   
Basque surname database - The Basque House  Search a database of over 6,500 surnames from the Spanish Basque region.  Basque Spain  
Basque surname list  An alphabetical list of surnames from the Spanish Basque region, with comments from others researching the names.  Basque Spain  

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