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Country State City/Town Resource Records From Records To Resource Type
Australia ACT Canberra ACT Archives resources  Access to PDF versions of an extensive list of government publications from the 1910s to the present day on the development of Canberra    
Australia ACT Canberra ACT Soldier Settlers' Guide  Lists of post-WWII soldier settler grants in the ACT region, including PDF diagrams showing the lease areas    
Australia NSW NSW Title Deeds, 1850-1853  Index of surnames which appear in the lists of Title Deeds Executed published in the NSW Government Gazettes for the years 1850 to 1853.  1850 1853  
Australia SA Manning Index of South Australian History  Library of SA collection   
Australia SA South Australiana Database  Photographs and other pictorial material from the Library's collections, and references to articles and other citations from selected South Australian published material held in the Library.    
Australia SA State Library of SA - Archival Database  Contains personal, business and society archives and the J.D.Somerville Oral History Collection.   
Australia SA State Records SA - Index of Resources  Index of extensive historical resources available on the State Records SA website. Most records are images (PDF format) of original documents.    
Australia SA Adelaide SA Government Gazette - Index  List of articles located in various issues of the South Australian Government Gazette, 1841-1886.   
Australia VIC Victoria Government Gazette, 1836-1997  Searchable indexes and images of Victoria Government Gazettes produced since 1836.  1836 1997   

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