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Country State City/Town Resource Records From Records To Resource Type
All All Online newspaper archives - Wikipedia  Wikipedia list of online newspaper archives from more than 90n countries.   
Australia ACT Canberra Canberra Times, 1926-54  View scanned copies of the Canberra Times from 1926-54, and conduct keyword search of articles.  1926 1954    
Australia All Australian newspaper archives search - Newstext  Online search of many Australian newspapers and magazines back to early 1980s. Registration required for full search and access to articles.    
Australia All Australian Newspaper Archives, 1803-2011  An excellent resource produced by the National Library of Australia allowing keyword search of major and regional Australian newspaper archives (1803-2011), with images of original articles shown. Select 'Family Notices' under 'Article Category' to limit the search to birth, death and marriage announcements.  1803 2011   
Australia All Australian Periodical Publications, 1840-1845  Extensive list of Australian publications from 1840-1845 which have been digitised as part of a National Library of Australia project. View digitised periodicals in PDF format.  1840 1845  
Australia All Fairfax publications archive  Searchable database of contemporary items appearing in Fairfax media publications, including personal announcements.   
Australia NSW Maitland Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser, 1843-83  View scanned copies of the Maitland Mercury and Hunter River General Advertiser from 1843-55 and 1880-83, and conduct keyword search of articles.  1843 1883    
Australia NSW Parramatta Cumerland Times, Jan-May 1846  Digitised copies of the Cumerland Times (published in Parramatta, NSW), Jan-May 1846.  1846  
Australia NSW Parramatta Parramatta Chronicle, 1843-45  Digitised copies of the Parramatta Chronicle and Cumberland General Advertiser (published in Parramatta, NSW), Dec 1843 - Dec 1845.  1843 1845  
Australia NSW Sydney INFOQUICK - Sydney Morning Herald index, 1988-2005  Searchable index to the Sydney Morning Herald and its supplements from Jan 1988 to June 2005. Shows headline, publication, and page number.  1988 2005  
Australia NSW Sydney Old Australian Genealogy, News & History  Various extracts from Sydney newspapers, 1870-1910, including articles, obituaries, ads, and birth & marriage announcements. Includes images of original articles.    
Australia NSW Sydney Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, 1803-15  View scanned copies of the Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser from 1803-1815, and conduct keyword search of articles.  1803 1815    
Australia NSW Sydney Sydney Morning Herald Archives (1955-1990)  Search every edition of The Sydney Morning Herald and The Sun-Herald between 1955-1990, including articles, captions, advertisements and classifieds. Payment required for full access to results.  1955 1990   
Australia NSW Sydney Sydney Morning Herald 'In Memorium' indexes  Indexes to In Memoriam entries extracted from the Sydney Morning Herald by Ken Campbell during his genealogical research.   
Australia NSW Yass Extracts from the Yass Courier (NSW), 1857-1905  Extracts from Yass Courier personal columns, 1857-1905  1857 1905  
Australia NSW Yass General Notices, Yass Courier (NSW), from 1857  Extracts from general notices in Yass Courier, from 1857  1857  
Australia NSW Yass Yass Probate Records, from 1859  List of probate notices, estates and memoriums from the Yass Courier, from 1859  1859  
Australia QLD Transcriptions from The Queenslander, 1850s-1890s  Extensive extracts from The Queenslander newspaper (1850s-1890s) and various other publications up until the 1950s. Displayed in a series of 14 HTML pages.  1850 1890   
Australia QLD Brisbane Brisbane Courier, 1864-81  View scanned copies of the Brisbane Courier from 1864-1881, and conduct keyword search of articles.  1864 1881    
Australia QLD Brisbane Courier Mail, 1933-34  View scanned copies of the Courier Mail from 1934-34, and conduct keyword search of articles.  1933 1934    
Australia SA Adelaide Adelaide Independent and Cabinet of Amusement  Scan copies of this early Adelaide publication from Aug-Nov 1841.    
Australia SA Adelaide South Australian Advertiser, 1858-61  View scanned copies of the South Australian Advertiser from 1858-61, and conduct keyword search of articles.  1858 1861    
Australia SA Elizabeth Playford's Past - Playford Library Digital Images & Resource  Excellent collection of digital resources on the history of the Playford / Elizabeth area of Adelaide, SA. Includes images, videos, publications, audio and others.    
Australia TAS Hobart Hobart Town Gazette, 1816-21  View scanned copies of the Hobart Town Gazette and Southern Reporter from 1816-1821, and conduct keyword search of articles.  1816 1821    
Australia TAS Hobart Hobart Town Gazette, 1821-25  View scanned copies of the Hobart Town Gazette and Van Diemen's Land Advertiser from 1821-1825, and conduct keyword search of articles.  1821 1825    
Australia TAS Hobart The Mercury, 1916-17  View scanned copies of The Mercury from 1916-17, and conduct keyword search of articles.  1916 1917    
Australia VIC Melbourne The Argus (Melbourne, VIC), 1870-1879  Searchable database of headlines and brief description of articles. Full articles not available online, but can be obtained in various libraries (shown on this site).  1870 1879  
Australia VIC Melbourne The Argus, 1915-25  View scanned copies of The Argus from 1915-25 and 1945, and conduct keyword search of articles.  1915 1925    
Australia VIC, NSW Sydney, Melbourne Fairfax Media Newspaper Front Pages  Find a newspaper front page from Melbourne's The Age or The Sydney Morning Herald dating back to 1945.     
Australia WA Perth Perth Gazette and Western Australian Journal, 1833-47  View scanned copies of the Perth Gazette and Western Australian Journal from 1833-1847, and conduct keyword search of articles.  1833 1847    

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