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Property Ownership/Rental, any country
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Country State City/Town Resource Records From Records To Resource Type
Australia ACT Canberra ACT Soldier Settlers' Guide  Lists of post-WWII soldier settler grants in the ACT region, including PDF diagrams showing the lease areas    
Australia ACT Canberra House allocations to Public Servants, Canberra, 1927  Lists of recipients of public housing in Canberra when Federal Public Servants started transferring to the new capital in 1927.  1927  
Australia All Australian Newspaper Archives, 1803-2011  An excellent resource produced by the National Library of Australia allowing keyword search of major and regional Australian newspaper archives (1803-2011), with images of original articles shown. Select 'Family Notices' under 'Article Category' to limit the search to birth, death and marriage announcements.  1803 2011   
Australia All Historic information on Australia towns  An alphabetical index of Australian towns with a short blurb on the history of each town.   
Australia NSW NSW Title Deeds, 1850-1853  Index of surnames which appear in the lists of Title Deeds Executed published in the NSW Government Gazettes for the years 1850 to 1853.  1850 1853  
Australia NSW Soldier Settlement files, 1906-1960  Details of land transfers in NSW under the returned soldier settlement scheme following WWI.  1906 1960  
Australia NSW Bathurst Bathurst landholders, 1885  Extract from the return to the Legislative Assembly showing names of holdings and names of landerholders for Bathurst district as at 1 Jan 1885.   1885  
Australia NSW Bourke, Brewarrina, Hay North, Balranald Homestead and Land Leases, western NSW, 1885-1914  Lists of homestead leases for towns in western NSW, 1885-1914, and land leases for the period 1903-1910. Includes approvals, refusals, and rent re-appraisals.  1885 1914  
Australia NSW Sydney City of Sydney Archives  Search an index of the City of Sydney's historical archives. Some items can be viewed online, while others will include a reference to where the hardcopy item can be viewed.   
Australia NSW Sydney City of Sydney Assessment Books, 1845-1948  The Assessment Books record details of ownership, occupation, construction, and value for buildings in the City of Sydney between 1845 and 1948.  1845 1948  
Australia NSW Sydney Historical Atlas of Sydney  Search a number of historical Sydney maps dating from the mid-1800s.    
Australia NSW Yass Extracts from the Yass Courier (NSW), 1857-1905  Extracts from Yass Courier personal columns, 1857-1905  1857 1905  
Australia NSW Yass General Notices, Yass Courier (NSW), from 1857  Extracts from general notices in Yass Courier, from 1857  1857  
Australia NT Darwin Northern Territory Probate Index, 1911-1994  Images of an index to probate records for the Northern Territory, Australia, including details of estates of deceased persons. Full access to records requires membership.  1911 1994    
Australia SA State Records SA - Index of Resources  Index of extensive historical resources available on the State Records SA website. Most records are images (PDF format) of original documents.    
Australia SA Elizabeth Playford's Past - Playford Library Digital Images & Resource  Excellent collection of digital resources on the history of the Playford / Elizabeth area of Adelaide, SA. Includes images, videos, publications, audio and others.    
UK Gloucestershire Gloucestershire County Council Archives  Search historical records for residents of Gloucestershire County, UK, including wills dating from 1541. 

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