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Shipping/Immigration, any country
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People Search - Passengers in History  South AustralianMaritime Museum's searchable database of passengers travelling to Australian ports (mainly SA) after 1836.  All Australia  
Ship Search - Passengers in History  South Australian Maritime Museum's database of ships transiting to Australian ports (mainly SA) from 1836. Search by ship name, type of ship, ship builder, and many other options.  All Australia  
Australian Newspaper Archives, 1803-2011  An excellent resource produced by the National Library of Australia allowing keyword search of major and regional Australian newspaper archives (1803-2011), with images of original articles shown. Select 'Family Notices' under 'Article Category' to limit the search to birth, death and marriage announcements.  All Australia   
National Archives of Australia - Record Search  Search documents, photos, posters, maps and films created by 9000 Australian Government agencies (since 1901).  All Australia   
State Records SA - Index of Resources  Index of extensive historical resources available on the State Records SA website. Most records are images (PDF format) of original documents.  SA Australia   
Victoria Coastal Passenger Lists, 1852-1924  Transcripts and images of original coastal passenger lists for the period 1852-1924 held by the Victorian Public Record Office.   VIC Australia   
Passenger arrivals index, 1921-1949  Search for passengers arriving by ship in Fremantle and other Western Australian ports between 1921 and 1949; or arriving at Perth airport between 1944 and 1949.  WA Fremantle Australia  
Lloyd's list, 1741-1826  Search and read e-book versions of Lloyd's List shipping registers from 1741 to 1826 (some years are missing). Can also be downloaded in PDF or text formats.  UK   
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild  Extensive list of resources to trace shipping and immigration records.  Any   
Australian shipping 1788-1968  Ozships extensive lists of shipping arrivals and departures to/from Australian ports from 1788-1968.  All Australia  
Convict ships sent to Norfolk Island, 1840-1847  Detailed information on convict ships sent to Norfolk Island, 1840-1847  Norfolk Island Australia  
Convict ships sent to Port Jackson, NSW 1787-1800  Detailed information on convict ships sent to Port Jackson (Sydney), NSW, 1787-1800  NSW Port Jackson (Sydney) Australia  
Australia's Red Coat Regiments, 1788-1870  Lists of members of the 25 British Infantry Regiments, Service Regiments and Marine Detachments who served in Sydney, Australia, between 1788 and 1870.  NSW Sydney Australia  
Index to vessels arriving in Sydney, 1837-1925  Name and type of vessel, and date of arrival, of vessels arriving in Sydney, 1837-1925.  NSW Sydney Australia  
Convict Ships Sent to NSW and TAS, 1801-1849  Comprehensive list of convict ships sent to NSW and TAS, 1801-1849. Also search by keyword. 'Convicts to Australia' site.  NSW, TAS Sydney, Hobart Australia   
Convict ships to Australia, 1839-46  Details of all ships carrying convicts to Australia between Jan 1839 and Jun 1846.  NSW, VIC Australia  
Convicts to Australia  Extensive list of resources for researching convicts transported to Australia. The site has its own searchable databases and also includes links to other sites.  NSW,TAS,VIC,WA Australia    
South Australian pioneer families  Searchable database of pioneering South Australian colonists comprising combined collections of passenger lists, births, marriages, and deaths.  SA Australia  
SA Passenger Lists, 1847-1883  Passenger lists for ships bound for South Australia, transcribed from newspaper reports or the South Australian Government Gazette.  SA Adelaide Australia  
South Australia Passenger Lists, 1836-53  Passenger lists and background information on an extensive list of vessels that arrived at Port Adelaide between 1836 and 1853.  SA Adelaide Australia  
South Australian Passenger Lists (1836-1851)  Over 2000 passenger lists available. Presented as html pages, arranged by year of arrival.  SA Adelaide Australia  
State Records - Official Passenger Lists, 1847-1855  Images of original passenger lists (PDF format) for ships arriving in South Australia, 1847-1855  SA Adelaide Australia   
Convict Ships sent to Tasmania, 1812-1853  Comprehensive list of convict ships sent to Tasmania, 1812-1853. Also search by keyword. 'Convicts to Australia' site.  TAS Australia   
Assisted British immigration to Victoria (1839-1871)  Search the Public Records Office of Victoria on Assisted British Immigrants, 1839-1871.  VIC Australia  
Outward Passengers from Victoria (1852-1886)  Search the Public Records Office of Victoria database of outward passengers to interstate, UK, NZ and foreign ports, 1852-1886.  VIC Australia  
Outward Passengers (leaving Victoria), 1852-1908  Searchable list of passengers travelling on ships leaving Victoria to interstate, UK, NZ and other foreign ports.  VIC Melbourne Australia  
Passenger Lists to Victoria (1852-1923)  Search the Public Record Office of Victoria database of unassisted inward Passenger Lists to Victoria, 1852-1923.  VIC Melbourne Australia  
Unassisted Inward Passenger Lists to Victoria, 1852-1923  Search for names of passengers who boarded ships to Victoria, Australia, from overseas ports between 1852 and 1923. 'Unassisted' passengers' fares were not subsidised by government.  VIC Melbourne Australia  
Convicts sent to Western Australia, 1850-1868  Detailed information on convict ships sent to Swan River Colony (Perth), WA, 1850-1868  WA Perth Australia  
Shipping passenger lists - Aust and NZ  Search passenger lists for migrant ships to Australia and New Zealand ( All Australia, New Zealand  

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