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Shipping/Immigration, any country
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Country State City/Town Resource Records From Records To Resource Type
Any Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild  Extensive list of resources to trace shipping and immigration records.    
Australia All National Archives of Australia - Passenger Arrivals  Search index of shipping passenger arrivals into Australia, 1898 - 1972    
Australia All People Search - Passengers in History  South Australian Maritime Museum's searchable database of passengers travelling to Australian ports (mainly SA) after 1836.   
Australia All Ship Search - Passengers in History  South Australian Maritime Museum's database of ships transiting to Australian ports (mainly SA) from 1836. Search by ship name, type of ship, ship builder, and many other options.   
Australia All Australian Newspaper Archives, 1803-2011  An excellent resource produced by the National Library of Australia allowing keyword search of major and regional Australian newspaper archives (1803-2011), with images of original articles shown. Select 'Family Notices' under 'Article Category' to limit the search to birth, death and marriage announcements.  1803 2011   
Australia All Australian shipping 1788-1968  Ozships extensive lists of shipping arrivals and departures to/from Australian ports from 1788-1968.  1788 1968  
Australia Norfolk Island Convict ships sent to Norfolk Island, 1840-1847  Detailed information on convict ships sent to Norfolk Island, 1840-1847  1840 1847  
Australia NSW First Fleet Convicts (1788)  Searchable database hosted by the University of Wollongong of 780 First Fleet convicts (NSW, Australia). It does not contain information about the other 200 sailors, marines and officers who sailed with them.  1788  
Australia NSW Port Jackson (Sydney) Convict ships sent to Port Jackson, NSW 1787-1800  Detailed information on convict ships sent to Port Jackson (Sydney), NSW, 1787-1800  1787 1800  
Australia NSW Sydney Australia's Red Coat Regiments, 1788-1870  Lists of members of the 25 British Infantry Regiments, Service Regiments and Marine Detachments who served in Sydney, Australia, between 1788 and 1870.  1788 1870  
Australia NSW Sydney Index to vessels arriving in NSW, 1788-1922  Extensive list of searchable resources of ships and passengers arriving in New South Wales from 1788, on the NSW State Archives and Records website.  1788 1922  
Australia NSW Sydney NSW Migrant Shipping (1837-1899)  Alphabetical lists of ships for each year, but not linked to passenger lists.  1837 1899  
Australia NSW Sydney / Port Jackson Agincourt - Passenger list (Sydney, NSW, 1848)  Passenger list from the Agincourt (landed Port Jackson, Australia, on 7 Oct 1848  1848  
Australia NSW Sydney, Port Jackson First Fleet Convicts list (1788)  List of convicts transported to Australia with the First Fleet, 1788  1788  
Australia NSW, TAS Sydney, Hobart Convict Ships Sent to NSW and TAS, 1801-1849  Comprehensive list of convict ships sent to NSW and TAS, 1801-1849. Also search by keyword. 'Convicts to Australia' site.  1801 1849   
Australia NSW, VIC Convict ships to Australia, 1839-46  Details of all ships carrying convicts to Australia between Jan 1839 and Jun 1846.  1839 1846  
Australia QLD Queensland Ship Deserters, 1862-1911  Searchable database of ship deserters for Queensland from 1862-1911.  1862 1911  
Australia QLD Brisbane Convict ships sent to Queensland, 1849-1850  Detailed information on convict ships sent to QLD, 1849-1859  1849 1850  
Australia QLD Brisbane Queensland Migrant Shipping (1840-1915)  Alphabetical lists of ships for each year, but not linked to passenger lists.  1840 1915  
Australia SA South Australian pioneer families  Searchable database of pioneering South Australian colonists comprising combined collections of passenger lists, births, marriages, and deaths.   
Australia SA State Records SA - Index of Resources  Index of extensive historical resources available on the State Records SA website. Most records are images (PDF format) of original documents.    
Australia SA Adelaide German Emigrants to South Australia, 1837-1866  Transcribed passenger lists for ships originating from Germany and travelling to South Australia, hosted on The Ships List website.  1837 1866  
Australia SA Adelaide SA Departures for overseas, 1836-1887 (Horner Index)  Extensive records of passengers departing South Australian ports for overseas destinations during the period 1836-1887, transcribed from The Register. Displayed as PDF images of transcribed catalogue cards, hosted on the State Library of South Australia website.  1836 1887  
Australia SA Adelaide SA Passenger Lists, 1836-1851  Search a State Library of SA collection, 'Bound for South Australia', with details of more than 3000 ships that came to SA between 1836 and 1851.  1836 1851   
Australia SA Adelaide SA Passenger Lists, 1847-1883  Passenger lists for ships bound for South Australia, transcribed from newspaper reports or the South Australian Government Gazette.  1847 1883  
Australia SA Adelaide SA Shipping arrivals and immigration, 1803-58  This searchable collection of passenger lists for about 1,250 ship arrivals in South Australia includes almost 28,000 families. The database contains shipping and emigrants from Germany up to 1853, the UK and Ireland up to July 1850, and other ports up to 1847.   1803 1858  
Australia SA Adelaide South Australian Migrant Shipping (1836-1860)  Alphabetical lists of ships for each year, and passenger/crew lists for each vessel.   
Australia SA Adelaide State Records of SA - Passenger lists, 1845-1940  Browse through scanned copies of ships' passenger lists from England to SA, 1845-1940  1845 1940  
Australia TAS Convict Ships sent to Tasmania, 1812-1853  Comprehensive list of convict ships sent to Tasmania, 1812-1853. Also search by keyword. 'Convicts to Australia' site.  1812 1853   
Australia TAS Hobart Tasmania - Passengers and ships arrivals, 1828-1970  Libraries Tasmania links to numerous resources for shipping arrivals and departures for Tasmania  1828 1970  

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